When I arrive at a horse that I have already helped, it already takes position to be helped, because it knows, this man is going to help me.

Lion van den Hoek

My past

After years of working and gaining experience as a trainer and international groom with good results, with trainers and stables of among others Henk Nooren, Philip le Jeune, Bert Romp, Stal Tops and more well-known trainers in the international jumping competitions, I started to work as a therapist with a unique system from America. This is to improve the health of horses and the rider with a revolutionary treatment that is used for the first time in horse treatments.

the present

NES Health Equine ensures that the horses stay in better health and are able to perform their sport better. By applying the bio-energy in specific places we make sure that the blockages in the body are lifted and horse and rider are fitter and stronger. We scan the horse and rider with a unique designed software system where we can scan the body within 20 sec for health problems and make it disappear after that, which is unique! Where we also offer support in is the physiotherapy where the horse then benefits from.

Our future

We are the only ones worldwide who can do this on a health level and that makes us unique. We do cellular improvement and can therefore create a revolutionary fitter and healthier body. It works quickly and effectively and often saves thousands of dollars in suppressing the symptom. What we do is address the problem at its root, where resolving a previous trauma, can be more effective. Therefore, I think it would be great to be able to help your horse and you.

Lion van den Hoek